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CD-ROM : The Complete Published Works 1933-1986
Amount: £24.00 / €27.96 (Including VAT at 15%)
Direct links : http://www.kfoundation.org.uk/acatalog/CD_ROM.html

This item will take 7 working days to ship. Also, please be aware that the majority if this content will be available on a free website, beginning mid to late 2008. The CD-Rom will still provide a unique interface and persistent offline access.

The Windows version of the CD-ROM presents the text collection of all Krishnamurti's published works from 1933 to 1986, whether in book, audio, or video form. It consists of 2662 texts, including 70 additional transcripts not featured in previous versions. All the audio and video texts have been verified for accuracy.

The full text retrieval facility allows one to access any topic on the basis of a single word or a combination. It stores and makes available the equivalent of two hundred books. Detailed and easy to use, the CD-ROM is a practical tool for anyone interested in exploring the teachings from the time Krishnamurti established his own voice to the last talk in 1986. The CD-ROM is invaluable as a library and personal resource.

Please note: the CD-ROM is a read-only research and reference facility and it does not enable printing of texts. You may, however, print lists of the items containing the topics of your interest. This version has a 'bookmark' and notes feature.

System requirements: The CD-ROM is a Windows program, fully compatible with 98, ME, 2000 and XP, and designed to run on a PC. It will run on a Mac using Virtual PC.

Daftar koleksi buku- buku bahasa Inggris yang ada di Pustaka YKI :
*pdf= Koleksi buku dan dlm bentuk pdf

*pdf only= hanya ada dlm bentuk pdf

   1. 100 Year Krishnamurti, Evelyn Blau *pdf
   2. A Biography (2), Pupul Jayakar *pdf
   3. A Conversation With J.K, C.L Nahal
   3. A Dialogue with Oneself  (*pdf only)
   4. A Flame of Learning
   5. A Vision On The Sacred, My Personal Journey With K
   6. A Wholly Different Way Of Living *pdf
   6. Action and Relationship (*pdf only)
   6. As The River Joins the Ocean, Reflections about J.Krishnamurti (*pdf only)
   7. Beginning Of Learning *pdf
   8. Beyond Violence *pdf
   9. Brock Wood Talks 1969 *pdf
 10. Can Humanity Change
 11. Choiceless Awareness
 12. Collected Works 1 : The Art of Listening (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 2 : What is Right Action ? (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 3 : The Mirror of Relationship (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 4 : The Observer is The Observed (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 5 : Choiceless Awareness (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 6 : The Origin of Conflict (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 7 : Tradition and Creativity (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 8 : What Are You Seeking ? (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 9 : The Answer Is In the Problem (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 10 : A Light To Yourself (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 11 : Crisis In Consciusness (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 12 : There is No Thinker Only Thought (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 13 : A Psychological Revolution (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 14 : The New Mind (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 15 : The Dignity of Living (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 16 : The Beauty of Death (*pdf only)
 12. Collected Works 17 : Perennial Question (*pdf only)
 12. Commentaries Of Living, First-Second-Third Series *pdf
 13. Educations And The Significant Of Live *pdf
 14. Educations As Service (1912)
 14. Eight Conversation (*pdf only)
 15. Exploration Into Insight *pdf
 15. Five Conversation (*pdf only)  
 16. Fire In The Mind, Dialog With K, Pupul Jayakar
 17. Freedom From The Known
 18. Freedom Love and Action
 18. From Darkness to Light  (*pdf only) 
 19. Individual and Societies
 19. Inward Flowering (*pdf only) 
 20. J.Krishnamurti As J. Knew Him *pdf

 21. Journal of The K Schools
 22. Krishnamurti Commemoration
 23. Krishnamurti 100 Years
 24. Krishnamurti And Rajagopal
 25. Krishnamurti And The Unity of Man
25. Krishnamurti at Los Alamos 1984 (*pdf only)
 26. Krishnamurti In India 1970 - 1971
 27. Krishnamurti Journal, K. Society, Orrisa, Cuttak 1987 (1988)
 28. Krishnamurti Note Book *pdf
 29. Krishnamurti On Greece *pdf
 30. Krishnamurti Talks, Omen Camp 1937 (1938)
 31. Krishnamurti To Him Self
 32. Last Talk At Saanen 1985 *pdf
 33. Letters To The School volume 1 *pdf
 33. Letters To The School volume 2 (*pdf only)
 34. Life Ahead (*pdf only)
 34. Life in Freedom
 35. Life The Goal
 36. Light Of Exploration, Talks On Meditation, Dr. R.P Kaushik
 37. Meditations
 38. Meeting Life
 39. Mind Without Measure
 40. Notes Of Group Discussions At Madras During 1947 With K (during 1948)

 41. On Conflict
 42. On God

 43. On Learning
 44. On Education
 45. On Fear
 46. On Freedom
 47. On Love and Loneliness
 48. On Mind And Thought
 49. On Relationship
 50. On The Teaching
 51. On Truth 
 52. Question And Answer, By J. Krishnamurti
 53. Question And Answers *pdf
 54. Questioning Krishnamurti
 55. Reflection Of The Self, K. Open court
 56. Reflection On The Sel, By Raymond Martin
 57. Report  Of Talks And Answer To Question By K, New York 1935
 58. Saying Of J. Krishnamurti
 59. Self Preparation
 60. Social And Responsibility

 61. Talks And Dialogues, Sydney, Australia
 61. Talks And Dialogues, Saanen, 1967 (*pdf only)
 61. Talks And Dialogues, Saanen, 1968 (*pdf only)
 61. Talks And Dialogues, Saanen, 1970 (*pdf only)
 61. Talks in Europe, 1967 (*pdf only)
 61. Talks in Europe, 1968 (*pdf only)
 61. Talks in Saanen, 1974 (*pdf only)
 61. Talks with American Student, 1985 (*pdf only)
 62. Talks By K. In America, (Verbatim Report) 1950, '52, '53, '54, '55,
       (Authentic Report) 1966, Talks by K (at Ojai, 1936, 1934, 1944), NewYork 1935.
 63. Talks By K. In Australia 1955 (Verbatim Report)
 64. Talks By K. In India (Verbatim Report) 1948, 1953, '54-'55, '55-'56, 1960, '61, 1956, '57, '58, '59,
       (Authentic  Report) 1968, '66, '67.
 65. Talks By Krishnamurti In Europe (Verbatim Report) 1950, '55, '56, 1962, '63,

       (Authentic Report) 1964, '65,'66, Authentic Report On Sven Talks Given in 1936,
       K. in Latin America (Authentic Report), K. Ojai and Sarobia  1940,
       Oak Groove, Ojai 1945, '46, Ojai 1944, 1936.
 66. Talks In Europe 1962, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67, '68, 1955, '66, Dissensions with K. In Europe 1966
 67. Talks With American Students, 1968, Puertorico, New York. Claremont *pdf
 68. Talks And Dialog, Saanen 1967 (1968) *pdf
 69. The Awakening Of Intelligence *pdf
 69. The Beauty of the Mountain, Memories of J.Krishnamurti, Friedrich Grohe (*pdf only)
 70. The Book Of Oneself (*pdf only)
 70. The Book Of Life *pdf
 71. The Boy Krishna, The First Fourteen years in the life of J.Krishnamurti, Mary Lutyen (*pdf only)
 71. The Brockwood, Talks & Discussion  
 72. The Ending Of Time
 73. The First And The Last Freedom *pdf
 74. The First Step Is The Last Step
 75. The Flame Of Attentions
 76. The Flight Of The Eagle *pdf
 77. The Future is Now (*pdf only)
 77. The Future Of Humanity *pdf
 78. The Immortal Friend
 79. The Impossible Question
 80. The Inner Life Of K, Aryel Sant *pdf

 81. The K. Audio and Video Record ship
 81. The Kitchen Chronicles, 1001 lunches with J.Krishnamurti (*pdf only)
 82. The Kingdom of Happiness
 83. The Life and Death of K (Mary Lutyen)
 84. The Limit of Thought
 85. The Matter Of Culture
 86. The Meditative Mind

 87. The Nature Of The New Mind
 88. The Network Of Thought
 89. The Only Revolution *pdf
 90. The Open Door K, By Mary Lutyen *pdf
 91. The Path
 92. The Penguin Krishnamurti Reader
 93. The Pool of Wisdom
 94. The Reluctant Messiah (Messiah)
 95. The Revolution From Within
 96. The Search
 97. The Second Penguin Krishnamurti Reader
97. The Transparent Mind, A Journey with Krishnamurti, Ingram Smith (*pdf only)
 98. The Urgency Of Change *pdf
 99. The Way Of Intelligence *pdf
100. The Wholeness Of Life *pdf

101. The World Of Peace
102. The Years Of Awakening K, Mary Lutyens *pdf
103. The Years Of Fulfillment K, By Mary Lutyens *pdf
104. Theosophist And Krishnamurti
105. Think On These Things
(*pdf only)
105. This Light On Oneself, True Meditation
106. To Be Human
107. Temple Talks (1927)
108. Total Freedom, The Essential K

109. Tradition And Revolution
110. Truth And Actually *pdf
110. Washington DC Talks 1985 (*pdf only)
111. What Are You Doing With Your Life?
112. Why Are You Being Educated?
113. Within The Mind, On J. Krishnamurti
114. You Are The World


Whole movement of life is learning, The

Published by Krishnamurti Foundation India. ISBN: 9789090050607, Paperback 262 pages  
This new edition of J Krishnamurti's Letters to the Schools combines the letters originally published in Volume I (1981) and Volume II (1985) with seventeen previously unpublished letters from earlier years.

As I would like to keep in touch with the schools in India, Brockwood Park in England and the Oak Grove School in Ojai, California, I propose to write a letter every fortnight to them for as long as possible...I would very much like to write these letters to convey what the schools should be, to convey to all the people responsible for them that these schools are to be excellent academically, but much more. They are to be concerned with the cultivation of the total human being. These centres of education must help the student and the educator to flower.

In the first of the letters Krishnamurti said:

"These letters are not meant to be read casually when you have a little time from other things, nor are they to be treated as entertainment. These letters are written seriously and if you care to read them, read them with intent to study what is said as you would study a flower by looking at the flower very carefully—its petals, its stem, its colours, its fragrance and its beauty. These letters should be studied in the same manner, not read one morning and forgotten in the rest of the day. One must give time to it, play with it, question it, inquire into it without acceptance. Live with it for some time; digest it so that it is yours and not the writer's''.

Facing a World in Crisis

Published by Shambhala, 2005, ISBN: 9781590302033, 191 pages, paperback.
J. Krishnamurti often stated that people must look at the state of the world, with all its violence and conflict, if they are ever to understand themselves. To turn away from world events was for him not to be alive to what life has to teach.

Facing a World in Crisis presents a selection of talks that Krishnamurti gave on how to live in and respond to troubling and uncertain times. His message of personal responsibility and the importance of connecting with the broader world is presented in a non-sectarian and non-political way. Direct and ultimately life-affirming, Facing a World in Crisis will resonate with readers today who are looking for a new way to understand and find hope in challenging times.

Mirror of Relationship, The

Published by Krishnamurti Foundation of America, 2006; ISBN: 9781888004908, 149 pages                                  

Krishnamurti asks the reader to investigate essential questions: How can I live with another without conflict? Why are relationships difficult? What is awareness in relationship? Do I really know what love is? What does it mean to learn in a relationship? What is the role of thought and memory in relating to another?

There is no escape from relationship. In that relationship, which is the mirror in which we can see ourselves, we can discover what we are, our reactions, our prejudices, our fears, depression, anxieties, loneliness, sorrow, pain, grief. We can also discover whether we love or there is no such thing as love. So, we will examine this question of relationship because that is the basis of love.” -J. Krishnamurti Madras, India, 1982

“Why does the mind think about sex at all? Why? Why has it become a central issue in your life? Sex has become an extraordinary, difficult, and complex problem so long as you do not understand the mind, which thinks about the problem. The act itself can never be a problem but thought about the act creates the problem.” -J. Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom

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